EAU 2015 (Madrid, 21-24 March)

During the EAU Congress in Madrid, 21 to 24 March 2015, the founders of SEGUR gathered for a fruitful discussion on future scientific projects of the group. The meeting was also attended by Professors  José Reis Santos from Lisbon and Juan Antonio Galan from Alicante  who helped with interesting suggestions and proposals.

The new website of SEGUR was presented and the first project of epidemiological study will be started in the month of May 2015

South-Eastern European Group for Urolithiasis Research ( SEGUR) has been founded.

A group aiming to focuse mainly on the research for stone disease has been founded in İstanbul on November 15,2014 among different countries of South-Eastern Europe region.  Physicians from Turkey ( Prof.K.Sarica), Italy ( Prof. A.Trinchieri),Greece ( Assoc.Prof.A. Skolarikos), Bulgaria ( Assoc.Prof. I. Saltirov) ,Romania ( Prof.P. Geavlete) ,Serbia ( Assoc.Prof. D. Basic) and Macedonia ( Assoc.Prof. S. Stavridis)  came together and founded a research group named “ South-Eastern European Group for Urolithiasis Research -SEGUR” in an attempt to collaborate in this specific field of urology. Taking the higher prevalance of stone disease in this area into account, founding members acknowledged the main aim of the group as to organize and conduct scientific studies in the South-Eastern region of Europe in the field of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, metaphylaxis, medical and surgical treatment of urolithiasis.